Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Ramadhan Karim

Spending Ramadhan abroad really makes me missing home. No Bazar Ramadhan, no sound of Terawikh from the mosque, no raya songs even tough I hate it. And Zarina makes it even worse by uploading pictures of breakfasting with friends and purposely making remarks on how goods the foods are. She just gave me a sentence and it successfully make me longing to go back home. (Cis Zarina!). Thank goodness the Spanish love fireworks, so at least I don´t miss Malaysian stupidity of playing `meriam buluh´until they lost hand, legs, eyes and head.

After two consecutive years here, there are some food that I really miss. So, last week I googled up for yong tau fu with soup recipe. It is difficult to find as most come with the brown sauce, yet finally....I got one. And the result is not heart breaking at all, satisfying.

Next, I bake some pineapple tart too. The look is not as promising as what being offered in the market. But the taste is really good. It even challenges some available in the market, I dare to boast as my family is very fussy about the taste of pineapple tart. I need to bake for second batch later, more artistic this time so that it looks photogenic, thus I can brag more about it here. Hahaha.

I know my dad will laugh out loud on this statement as he always said," what? you cook? Instant or from the can?". (Encouragement or reverse psychology, I myself not sure). But still, there are a lot and lot of Malaysian delicacies that I miss especially my dad´s nasi beriani, my mom´s gulai daging salai, my ibu´s asam pedas, sambal goreng, fried bittergourd (and her -never ending list) , my mak mertua´s crab curry...Aiyoh, hungry mah...Need to fill my stomach before the grumbling gets louder and woke up my baby...