Monday, 30 June 2008

Podemos para Eurocopa 2008, Viva Espana!

Yesterday was a history for Espana as they won their title in Euro Cup 2008 against Alemania (Germany) by goal of 1-0. 2nd title in the history of Euro Cup. I never been soooo involved in a football game, never ever been a fan of football but here in Spain, football is almost life. Everybody, male, female, adults and kids, grandma and grandma participate themselves in supporting their club or country. So when they won, the fiesta started. (Spanish is well known with their fiesta). At 2300 when the match end, the noise of firecrackers, the sight of fireworks, horn blaring, singing and cheering on the street is really loud. Even I, myself as an adult sometimes stammered by the firecrackers and fireworks. So just imagine how my 17-day old baby girl reacted. Pity her. But as 'Yo soy Espanyol, Espanyol, Espanyol' she has to accept that.

One thing above so many things that I admired about Spanish is they really have a close relationship with their grandparents. When Spanish team was in the quarter and semi final, the media interviewed not only their parents, also their grandma and granddad. Iker Casillas (goal keeper) is admired by the whole hometown members. They called him 'santo' for saving the penalty kicks during quarter final against Italy. His grand mom kissed his picture during the game every time he saved a ball. And now every kid in my town wanted to be him. Torres, Guiza, David Villa, Capdevilla are nonetheless.

This remind me of a friend. He is Spanish and aged 26. At first I thought he is grand dad favorite. He told us that anywhere he moved, his grand dad will visit his place first, to approve his choice and to make sure he is okay. Kind of weird. But now, I understand and value the relationship they had. When looking back at our teenagers, how many can walk with their grandparents, have a good conversation? Leave alone taking care of the old folks when they are sick. Far from imagination. Yet here is normal.

As for the Euro Cup 2008, this was my first all in all coverage. I only missed games on 13 to 15 June as I was in hospital giving birth. But, my hubby and I were still lucky. With WIFI connection available (in hospital!) we were able to be updated with latest result. With the football fever still new in me, I hope that I will enjoy following another big game, World Cup 2010, with the similar (at least) enthusiasm. Looking forward for another football fever. For the time being, VIVA ESPANYA!

Sunday, 29 June 2008

Giving birth in Spain

20 days after arriving in Barcelona, I kept vomiting. Unstoppable. Terrible. I didn't know that I was pregnant until being admitted in emergency unit. On the other hand, when remembering the way the doctor try to inform me about my pregnancy, it was funny. Imagine, it was written in the admission form that I am married, yet the doctor said,
" There's nothing wrong with you. You are 4-week pregnant. Tell your boyfriend"
Hahaha. I still remember his face when I told him that I am married.

The next adventure was registering to prenatal care unit. Ops, before I go any further, I never thought that Spain is totally Spanish, then when we arrived here, only then we realized that they only speak Spanish. Thus, imagine: Hospital administrator talked to you in Spanish, you had to guess what they meant, and answered back in English, then they had to guess the meaning in Spanish. Enter the information into the system. And our level of Spanish during that time: 0 - Zero! Madre mia! A registration process which should be 10 minutes was dragged to almost an hour. When we came out of the room, the number of people waiting for their turn was outrages. Yet, what to do. We never mean harm.

But I have to admit that the health care services here is far off better than Malaysia. That is the first difference we notice about Spain being a develop country. When it comes to value of life, they really appreciate it. I have being monitored during my whole pregnancy by 2 persons, the midwife and the doctor. And the gap between each visit between the 2 is at least 2 weeks. They perform lab test, taken blood and urine, sugar level test, and ecography at least 3 times, one for each trimester. Scan and ultrasound is compulsory in every check up. When labor is nearing, they put you into monitoring and check the contraction frequency. All this never been experience during my previous pregnancy in Malaysia except urine test and scan (which only done on certain visit).

Laboring day is the moment we were looking for. I experienced the 'show of blood' and told my hubby that it was time to go to hospital. Thank Allah, I had no pain, we talked, laughed, caught the RENFE and even ran to catch the bus. My hubby insisted that we took the bus even the hospital is only two stops away.When we arrived, it was already 5 cm. I told my hubby to take a lot of pictures so that we are able to show our child later when she grow older. We even strike poses in the waiting room before been transfer to labor room. But later when the time arrived, the pain was....difficult to describe. I opted for natural birth, no epidural nor pain relief. Pergh... And my hubby kept capturing the moment till I shouted to him to stop. Luckily I spent only 30 minutes in the labor room. Alhamdulillah, our baby girl was born at 2205, 13th June 2008. But I regret that I asked my hubby to stop capturing the moment. Or else now we have a better collection to show to Zara Humaira'.

I was an experience not to forget. Even though I am now getting through my confinement with no mom or mom-in-law, thank to my lovely husband for helping me get through.


Bienvenidos a mi blog

After being in Barcelona for eleven months and kept promising family and friends that I will create my own blog, here I am. Trying a new thing which is not really familiar but I have to try. Actually I am kind of tired sending emails to friends, unable to update them about my well being in Barcelona. I am kind of a lazy person to inform people about my condition here. As my father always said to my siblings," Your sister won't inform her family about her well being, unless she had problems. (Which is totally untrue, I always call my mom, duh!) So, if she is in her silence mode, means everything is fine". Okay, I have to admit that on certain thing I prefer to be silence, but for me sharing my itsy bitsy tiny winy problem with my family will mess their mind. Am I right? Every people will have their own way, so this is mine. I have a good heart, believe me.