Thursday, 20 May 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award

I was tagged by a friend Maisara . She said it was easy, so let us see how much time required for me to complete this.

The Rules are as follows:
Step 1. Accept the award and put it on your sidebar.
Step 2. Describe 7 things people do not know about you.
Step 3. Award the Award to 7 other Beautiful Bloggers and describe why they deserve the award.

Step 1.
Quite complicated...but at last tacha!!!

Step 2. Things that people do not know about me....Let be prudent.

1. One day, I would like to adopt children, 2 or 3 of them. I have raised up the idea to my husband and he is not opposed to it.

2. I want more children of my own. The one that I have now is not enough. 

3. I try to change my style for many times but end up with the same dark blue jeans and white shirt. I should stop trying anymore.

4. When people met me for the first, they either say I am a snob or talkative. It depends. I will try to make conversation, if fail, I rather read even if it is a nonsense pamphlet.

5. I am fashion blind. I did not care how the matching concepts results as long as I am comfortable.

6. Statement 5 is quite an opposite to me as I was an accountant by qualification and  (minimal) practice.

7. At the moment I am thinking about bobbing my hair short like Mrs. Beckham. I am sick of taking care of my long hair but still thinking..(Opinion please)

Step 3. Awarding..
This is the most complicated part as I have limited friends on the blog. Nevertheless, the awards go to....

1.  Asrul : He has a blog and his wife is  pregnant with  the first one. Good luck!!

2. Alex Chan: She is my childhood long lost friend, now resided in Aarhus with her husband and son.

3. Tyiana : She stopped blogging (temporarily I hope), so here is a reason to update the blog.

4. Baby : We met on the blog but I know nothing about her..Totally blank except we share some interest..

5. Sunshine : She lives in Cayman Island, ooh I wish I can visit her.

6. Naz : A musician, a friend to my significant half whom I heard a lot but never met.

7. Judin : One of many people whom reminds me of my teaching days...

(What!!! I managed to get all 7!! Cayalah!) So those whom been tagged, please tag me. I would like to know what I miss!!

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Tulip-Tulipan Keukenhof

The trip to Keukenhof was some kind to say, an opportunity rolling in the front door. We went to Netherlands for the second time because of unexpected event. So in the need of killing two birds using one stone, we spared half day to be surrounded by flowers. The smells, the view in nothing that I ever experienced in my life. Even little Zara enjoyed it.

Bed of red tulips

Trying to jump and reach the green arc

Little red Russian doll

White and red tulips

Windmill at the garden, this time we climbed it up!

Big yellow wooden shoes

But the small one is the favorite of `Goldilocks´

From Russia with love

Bed of yellow tulips

Dancing to the rhythm, she was stuck there till the 4th or 5th song!

Not a flower lover, but I insist!

Even after the 2nd trip to Netherlands, I still wonder, which dress should I matched with the shoes???

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Brussels: The collision between French & Dutch (language)

So little time
Yet, many places to go
Like treasure hunting 
We went running.
We rushed here
We rushed there
We end up eating in the middle of nowhere.
The is a place
At the old town
Serving home made chocolate 
in a building like Vittorio Emanuel that Milan owns.
There little `red district´
was purposely out of reach
but the drug opera
is not relating to the famous you-know-what-they- are.
The museum of car
Is really without bar,
The amusement is high
We never stop sigh.
Back to the center
With great architecture,
Minaret with gold
Stop and behold.
It is not complete
without Atomium visit
with high memory indeed
Jump! If you´re fit.
Despite the language
Between French & Dutch
We manage to see
We manage to touch
But in the end
With list in hand
OMG! the war museum was left behind.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010


When we reached Antwerp, the weather changed, from the nearing thawing winter to wet winter (aka raining). It was cloudy, so we rushed to visit everything, taking every opportunity to avoid the rain. So these are pictures with less caption.

My favorite picture of Antwerp: integration of classic and modern architecture side by side.

Aahh, I remember this picture in front of Steen Castle. If you are able to see a small curve on top of the arc, that is SEMINI - the symbol of fertility. According to the information encrypted,  women will look up upon it and wish for getting child(ren). But now, it is a symbol of vitality and creativity of  Antwerpen. At my back is the statue of Lange Wapper - the water spirit.

In front of Central Station, Antwerp

In front of the ticket office inside Central Station Antwerp

More picture of this museum-like station. I wonder are they using real gold plated?

In front of the hotel

And thank you Lord, everything is in good hand.

Saturday, 1 May 2010


It has been almost two months from the day I came back from the tour. Busy with almost everything, passing another visit, now I am due far behind from updating my travel. So, lets continue. From Amsterdam, we went further south to the famous Rotterdam. Rotterdam is far different from Amsterdam even in distance it is less than an hour train journey.

More people are cycling with this kind of `attachment´ in the front for children and we want one of these too.

The architecture is more modern compared to Amsterdam. We learnt that the town was totally destroyed during WWII.

This is the public library, in a glance more like a cruise ship on land. It is complete with theater, reading area, displays of books, etc etc...

...including this giant chess set.

The unique Cubic House is to promote a unique, free style and flexible living style.

It looks small from the outside, but inside it is a complex complex with many types of apartments and shop outlets.

We visited the old quay,

...the church at old town with a tower more or less bit descending like Tower of Pisa,

...Erasmus Bridge and...

Blaak wet market (look at the man behind, he stole a pose with us! Hehehe)

The famous building of Jakie Chan´s movie `Who am I´. I have difficulty of pronouncing the name.

And a visit to Holand is not complete till you try the wafel - extremely sweet but delicious.

And the best part, we had a chance to meet K Lisa and her daughter, Emma who instantly became a friend to Zara. Thank you everyone especially and thank you to K Akma who gave us all the information we need.