Saturday, 15 May 2010

Brussels: The collision between French & Dutch (language)

So little time
Yet, many places to go
Like treasure hunting 
We went running.
We rushed here
We rushed there
We end up eating in the middle of nowhere.
The is a place
At the old town
Serving home made chocolate 
in a building like Vittorio Emanuel that Milan owns.
There little `red district´
was purposely out of reach
but the drug opera
is not relating to the famous you-know-what-they- are.
The museum of car
Is really without bar,
The amusement is high
We never stop sigh.
Back to the center
With great architecture,
Minaret with gold
Stop and behold.
It is not complete
without Atomium visit
with high memory indeed
Jump! If you´re fit.
Despite the language
Between French & Dutch
We manage to see
We manage to touch
But in the end
With list in hand
OMG! the war museum was left behind.

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