Saturday, 1 May 2010


It has been almost two months from the day I came back from the tour. Busy with almost everything, passing another visit, now I am due far behind from updating my travel. So, lets continue. From Amsterdam, we went further south to the famous Rotterdam. Rotterdam is far different from Amsterdam even in distance it is less than an hour train journey.

More people are cycling with this kind of `attachment´ in the front for children and we want one of these too.

The architecture is more modern compared to Amsterdam. We learnt that the town was totally destroyed during WWII.

This is the public library, in a glance more like a cruise ship on land. It is complete with theater, reading area, displays of books, etc etc...

...including this giant chess set.

The unique Cubic House is to promote a unique, free style and flexible living style.

It looks small from the outside, but inside it is a complex complex with many types of apartments and shop outlets.

We visited the old quay,

...the church at old town with a tower more or less bit descending like Tower of Pisa,

...Erasmus Bridge and...

Blaak wet market (look at the man behind, he stole a pose with us! Hehehe)

The famous building of Jakie Chan´s movie `Who am I´. I have difficulty of pronouncing the name.

And a visit to Holand is not complete till you try the wafel - extremely sweet but delicious.

And the best part, we had a chance to meet K Lisa and her daughter, Emma who instantly became a friend to Zara. Thank you everyone especially and thank you to K Akma who gave us all the information we need.

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