Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Tulip-Tulipan Keukenhof

The trip to Keukenhof was some kind to say, an opportunity rolling in the front door. We went to Netherlands for the second time because of unexpected event. So in the need of killing two birds using one stone, we spared half day to be surrounded by flowers. The smells, the view in nothing that I ever experienced in my life. Even little Zara enjoyed it.

Bed of red tulips

Trying to jump and reach the green arc

Little red Russian doll

White and red tulips

Windmill at the garden, this time we climbed it up!

Big yellow wooden shoes

But the small one is the favorite of `Goldilocks´

From Russia with love

Bed of yellow tulips

Dancing to the rhythm, she was stuck there till the 4th or 5th song!

Not a flower lover, but I insist!

Even after the 2nd trip to Netherlands, I still wonder, which dress should I matched with the shoes???

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