Saturday, 20 September 2008

A quick one..

I just have a YM session with my dad, gosh I missed him. A lot! Only Allah knows how much I missed him. Sometimes my memory goes back to the time when I was small. I shared my happy moments of him with my husband. I told my husband the story how he cooked for me late nite before I felt sick with chicken pox (or measles? Got confused between the two). He also brushed my hair. He brought me to visits when he was patronizing the students of Pusat Pertanian Ayer Hitam, especially the trip to Penang. We went hunting, played many games ( we won many games during family days, thus other family got jelous!).When we went for 'jemputan kawin' (marriage reception), we always wear the same shade of colors, and a full baju kurung and baju melayu, we laugh a lot.We even had bad days, together. I don't want to talk about the bad days, but we gone through it together, very hard, for years. And it made our relation stronger.

I know when it comes to life, some people are more fortunate than other. But I believe, we are the one to brand it as fortunate or not. I am blessed with all the hardship I have went through, I found my dad is happy with ibu, I am happy with parents, my the one and only brother, and sisters too. And I know with their 'doa' I finally blessed with a good husband that people can see now I am truly happy. I don't care much about money, about reputation, about prestige. But now, I am enjoying my life, doing things that I love, and I want to take care of my family.

Thursday, 18 September 2008

A happy news..yet study, study, study

Alhamdulillah, today I received an email from my professor of Finance that I score a good result in her paper. 9 out of 10. I can't believe it. That is really awesome. The best grade I ever obtained so far since I start this particular course.

Actually studying in Europe is different from other places, and far far different from studying in Malaysia. Here we are expected to be fully independence. Truly independence. A good student, straight 'A's will be below average here. (Okay, I may sound exaggerating but my point is, it is difficult to be on top). It is not because we are less clever or less brilliant, but we are so accustomed to spoon-feed. When arguing on a statement, or giving opinion, we are expected to say which school of thought we are following, who we are quoting, who says this and who opposed to it etc, etc,etc. And I feel really stupid. I thought it is only me, and me alone. But when I discussed this matter with a friend who is studying in Germany, she is agreed. We sometimes feel de-motivated but life has to go on as this is the path we are choosing, Err...right Zarina?

And when talking about studying, some people asked, why studying? Can't I get a good job with my degree? I know I can get a decent job, more than enough money to fulfill my expenses, yet I love to study. Not because I want to get a good pay (but it comes simultaneously after I obtained the scroll), not because I want to get the title in front of my name, far less dreaming to be Times magazine's person of the year, but the fact is I just love study. Strange? My significant half agrees to some extend, but he encourages me. VERY MUCH, as long as I am happy.

And to my auntie, in Pasir Gudang, you know I dedicated this entry to you, as promised. So, dear my cousins (my auntie's daughter-lah, who else) studying is important. If we can't share the knowledge with others, at least we can use it for our survival later. And at least by succeeding in study, we make our parents happy, we have the possibility to have better life as we can get better job. Better job means better $$$. And knowledge really can change people life, it is 'evergreen'. Yeah, I know, you will say, most artists do not have paper qualification, yet they are rich. How rich they are? How long they can survive? And can you sing? Can you act? Ohh.. you want to be a model, then I will ask, how long you can maintain your youthfulness and beauty? Make your parents happy, they will pray for you and your life will be blessed.

I know I sound like a preacher today, but I am really happy for everybody who is eager to gain knowledge. On whatever means, with knowledge, I strongly believe that we are better person. 'Gain knowledge, even you have to travel till China'.

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

From my heart...

Today I feel a little bit sentimental. Maybe because Aid Mubarak is just around the corner and I miss the chaos that usually experienced at home. I still can hear my ibu (mom) urging us to wash the curtain, iron it and hang it back, my dad (abah) rushing us to clear the garden, the whole family making plans what scheme colour should be our 'raya' dress, what are the menu for the day etc, etc...

Luckily, we have friends who are close like family here. Fasting is easier, and our 'chief' organizer, Kak Akma, already looking forward in planning the open house event for Aid Mubarak. Thanks to her, we already had two break-fasting events already, one hosted by Emmy and one from me. (Proud to say, even I am a lousy cook, but my friends always willing to be the victim as food testers).
Ha.. los amigos, you guys cannot blackmail me on the failure of 'talam ubi', I upload the picture already maa...

So,ibu, abah, do not worry about whom we are celebrating our Aid Mubarak with. Even tough En. Zulkffli (this is my way of referring my husband when talking to my parents) has his class in the morning of raya, we will be fine. It is not the same, I know, celebrating the big day with you and parents in law, yet that is among the consequences I have to take when living in foreign land.

And abah, I am proud of you. Even reaching your retirement day (a year to go), you still work hard serving the state government. Just make sure you take care of your health, has balance diet and do not forget to read my blog together with ibu ya. I know I seldom make calls lately, so this is the way to let both of you know that we are ok.
Abah's (in magenta 'baju melayu')latest picture, courtesy of Berita Harian, Monday, 8th September.

The acts of mischievous parents to their daughter..hehehe

Saturday, 13 September 2008

Fasting In Foreign Land

Today is the 13th day of Ramadhan. Alhamdulillah, I manage to get through even with my exclusive breast feeding. (Don't tell me that I am outdated, I just want the best for my baby) At first I thought that it will be another test for us, just like last year when we arrived here on 16 Ramadhan. But, it turns out differently.

My town has quite an amount of 'Musalman'. From Morrocco, Africa and few parts of Asia. On normal days, I cannot see them much, but it taken me by surprise during Ramadhan. I see a lot of women with their head dress, here and there. Some going to the grocers, some to the halal butcher, market and some just sitting in the park, killing time as it is too hot to be at home. For information, Ramadhan this year falls in during summer.

When going to the butcher to get our supply, the small shop turns to be like mini Bazaar Ramadhan, like the one we have in Malaysia. There are many delicacies sold, but it is all the Moroccan. Yet, surprise, surprise. We found a bread that we called 'roti canai' in Malaysia. Exactly the same. That's become our dish on the first Ramadhan.
Visit to the butcher, from left to right, me with my baby, the baby sitter and one customer

Lucky that I am not a person with sweet tooth or else...

Besides that, the mosque also organizes Solat Terawikh. So, que te parece? We feel at home even we are thousand miles away. Only that I miss the fighting during breaking fast with my brother and sister...It reminds me of what my dad always says," You can find everything at Bazaar Ramadhan, food, cookies, greeting cards, fire crackers, but not the people you want to enjoy those things with"

Not so new addiction

My husband and I have the same interest, since we met. It is not just traveling, gastronomic interest or being adventurous. We love music, and we play guitar. Before we came here, we had quite a collection but all are classical, acoustic and semi acoustic. But all are left when we move to Barcelona.

After some times, we get bored. We miss those guitar but I told him we have to be careful on spending. Finally after a lengthy discussion which takes a few days, we managed to reach to the decision. Yes we need one and this time we go for electric.

Honey, it's my turn now!!!

On the first few days, I really had this fear of touching it. It is like a treasure, which able to kill me anytime. Why? Because it is electric. Duh!! (I don't know where I get the idea that playing electric guitar will lead the electrocution, but mmmm). Oye, hombre, everybody has their own setback. My significant one did enjoy his moment with the guitar, yet not for long. Now we are fighting over it. I think we should get another one. To cut down the scissors-paper-stone and to increase the enjoyment. The more the merrier, right?

"Carinyo, when we are getting another one?"

Thursday, 11 September 2008


At last, I managed to finish whatever I am supposed to finish and enjoy the rest of summer. I still had another 2 and half weeks to go. But still summer is so much fun to enjoy. Wish I could turn back time and let the season start again. However, with Ramadhan on its 11th day, I think there is nothing much I can do except exploring my cooking skill preparing meal and cookies for Aid Mubarak.

I have too many little things to say. I am proud of my significant half. He is being admitted to a master program in geology in University of Barcelona specializing in the area that he really wants to do, Exploration and Reservoir of petroleum and gas natural. He went for registration yesterday, and I do hope that his enthusiasm to finish the one-year course is still at peak.

My father is celebrating his 54th birthday today, September 11. I called him and sang him the Spanish version of Happy Birthday. I am aware I am seldom be the first person to wish him, but deep in mind I remember his birthday. He is the coolest dad, I never want to exchange him for another. My sisters feel the same, I know cause we always sing, "daddy, daddy cool, oooo daddy, daddy cool". (Familiar?)

And, my daughter is reaching her 3-month age, my brother is going to have his teeth braced tomorrow, and I am expecting a Malaysia student to come here, to be in my program...But now, i have to retire from being in front of the PC. My baby needs me. Don't worry though, I will be right back.