Saturday, 13 September 2008

Fasting In Foreign Land

Today is the 13th day of Ramadhan. Alhamdulillah, I manage to get through even with my exclusive breast feeding. (Don't tell me that I am outdated, I just want the best for my baby) At first I thought that it will be another test for us, just like last year when we arrived here on 16 Ramadhan. But, it turns out differently.

My town has quite an amount of 'Musalman'. From Morrocco, Africa and few parts of Asia. On normal days, I cannot see them much, but it taken me by surprise during Ramadhan. I see a lot of women with their head dress, here and there. Some going to the grocers, some to the halal butcher, market and some just sitting in the park, killing time as it is too hot to be at home. For information, Ramadhan this year falls in during summer.

When going to the butcher to get our supply, the small shop turns to be like mini Bazaar Ramadhan, like the one we have in Malaysia. There are many delicacies sold, but it is all the Moroccan. Yet, surprise, surprise. We found a bread that we called 'roti canai' in Malaysia. Exactly the same. That's become our dish on the first Ramadhan.
Visit to the butcher, from left to right, me with my baby, the baby sitter and one customer

Lucky that I am not a person with sweet tooth or else...

Besides that, the mosque also organizes Solat Terawikh. So, que te parece? We feel at home even we are thousand miles away. Only that I miss the fighting during breaking fast with my brother and sister...It reminds me of what my dad always says," You can find everything at Bazaar Ramadhan, food, cookies, greeting cards, fire crackers, but not the people you want to enjoy those things with"


Kmar said...

Merl, pictures prrof that you have a wonderful life in Barcelona, betul tak?

About the statement yang kata you tak pandai masak tu... errghh... kena ada pembetulan laa. Your SAMBAL TUMIS... wow.. super impressive!!!

All of us yg tinggal away from Malaysia are survivors!! We made the best of our daily life by ´understanding´ & ´adapting´ the new environment around us. Susah tu and both of you are coping it very good. Well done!!

Your Zara is adorable. So sweet. What a gift!! No wonderlaa papanya tak nak berenggang dgn dia.. he.he..

Buka puasa makan apa???

Zara in Germany said...

wow dah beli dah hendband zara...kiut2