Saturday, 13 September 2008

Not so new addiction

My husband and I have the same interest, since we met. It is not just traveling, gastronomic interest or being adventurous. We love music, and we play guitar. Before we came here, we had quite a collection but all are classical, acoustic and semi acoustic. But all are left when we move to Barcelona.

After some times, we get bored. We miss those guitar but I told him we have to be careful on spending. Finally after a lengthy discussion which takes a few days, we managed to reach to the decision. Yes we need one and this time we go for electric.

Honey, it's my turn now!!!

On the first few days, I really had this fear of touching it. It is like a treasure, which able to kill me anytime. Why? Because it is electric. Duh!! (I don't know where I get the idea that playing electric guitar will lead the electrocution, but mmmm). Oye, hombre, everybody has their own setback. My significant one did enjoy his moment with the guitar, yet not for long. Now we are fighting over it. I think we should get another one. To cut down the scissors-paper-stone and to increase the enjoyment. The more the merrier, right?

"Carinyo, when we are getting another one?"

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Odie said...

best gilerr!!! merl, u kena main bass, then ajar Zara main drum. Adam confirm jadik lead singer ;-)