Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Happy birthday!!

On 21st June 2009, we celebrated the birthday of 4 persons, my husband (4th June), Maira (13th June), Adny Haikal (14th June) and Emmy (1 July). It was a makan-makan (eating) event actually, not only for birthday but also a housewarming party as we had moved to a new place last May. Thank you everybody for coming, and the presents for little one too.

Birthday boy - Adny

Main menu for the day

Birthday mom for the day, concentrating on the event..with our guitarist Affy

Birthday girl with her first lollipop

Birthday girl with birthday dad (come photographer)

All of us, posing for the camera, thanks to the new tripod

Maira and her first chocolate cake

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Cerdanyola´s children club day

This spring, Cerdanyola Children Club celebrated their 40th anniversary. Fourty, yes that is 4 0. The people who were in this club since the early days were also there. So just imagine, they are now older than us, yet still participated in the events of the club that was once joined when they were kids. It was a celeberation. Just look at these pictures...

There were performance bu both children and aldults. They had prepared a stage, complete with places to sit. Children performance, about a tale of pirate (if I did not misunderstood) and the crowd knew the song they sang.

Ball walking

Bruce Springfield to be

Memoirs of wall, ops! memoirs of the club, from 40 years ago...

Crate balancing

Face painting

My little one was not left behing, it took all her courage and determination to stay put

And... she was too...

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

The end of spring

May is the bussiest month of my study, at least for this year. I manage my exam, my papers with the cost of abandoning my blog, my family, my house which is now a little bit organized than sunken ship. I even forgot our anniversary, so, I am sorry baby, did not mean to forget it, but you did see how much I was struggling to complete my revision.

Now, I long for a long cold shower as the temperature is high, a proper food (no more rice with fried chicken, after few days that was....uneadible), time to play with Zara, watching movie with my husband (err I doubt that, he is busy and usually I sleep in the middle of the movie) and summer vacation. But what had been done was worth. I pass my paper even tough a bit frustrated with silly and careless mistakes, my paper went well and hopefully I will perform during my final presentation thiscoming June 15.

So, just wait for my new updates. I have picture from weekend trip to Andorra and visits from my in laws.