Tuesday, 9 June 2009

The end of spring

May is the bussiest month of my study, at least for this year. I manage my exam, my papers with the cost of abandoning my blog, my family, my house which is now a little bit organized than sunken ship. I even forgot our anniversary, so, I am sorry baby, did not mean to forget it, but you did see how much I was struggling to complete my revision.

Now, I long for a long cold shower as the temperature is high, a proper food (no more rice with fried chicken, after few days that was....uneadible), time to play with Zara, watching movie with my husband (err I doubt that, he is busy and usually I sleep in the middle of the movie) and summer vacation. But what had been done was worth. I pass my paper even tough a bit frustrated with silly and careless mistakes, my paper went well and hopefully I will perform during my final presentation thiscoming June 15.

So, just wait for my new updates. I have picture from weekend trip to Andorra and visits from my in laws.

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