Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Cerdanyola´s children club day

This spring, Cerdanyola Children Club celebrated their 40th anniversary. Fourty, yes that is 4 0. The people who were in this club since the early days were also there. So just imagine, they are now older than us, yet still participated in the events of the club that was once joined when they were kids. It was a celeberation. Just look at these pictures...

There were performance bu both children and aldults. They had prepared a stage, complete with places to sit. Children performance, about a tale of pirate (if I did not misunderstood) and the crowd knew the song they sang.

Ball walking

Bruce Springfield to be

Memoirs of wall, ops! memoirs of the club, from 40 years ago...

Crate balancing

Face painting

My little one was not left behing, it took all her courage and determination to stay put

And... she was too...

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