Thursday, 8 April 2010

The best of Amsterdam

There are so many things that I like about Amsterdam. The canals give a distinctive view of a city. 

Our hotel is located besides a canal, near Leidsenplein.  Once we arrived there, we asked a girl, " may you show us how to get to led-zappelin?" She was laughing till she cried. hehehe...We were carried out by the English pronunciation
We went to Madam Tussuad at Dam Square

The beautiful Central Station

St. Nicolaas Church

A view of Dam Square, which was currently on reconstruction.

The famous canal with boat house.

Anne Frank statue, at the church beside the Secret Annexe.

One of the locations of Ocean 12: Pulitzer Hotel.

There were so many places to go and enjoy. Even tough the weather was harsh (for me because I hate cold and windy), I still managed to enjoy myself. I did look fat due to many layers of clothes, but who cares! The mission to paint the town red was in progress!!

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Made in Amsterdam

What represents Amsterdam? These are the things usually people thing about Amsterdam, or Holland in general. Besides best hockey and football teams, these are in the list!

First of foremost, the windmill. Regardless big...

or small, find one.

Then, bulbs

or bloomed, just like this beautiful black tulips.

Cannabis is all legal, we did not get involve.

Instead we brought this home - safer. 

Holandes cheese..Magnificent! Yummy!

And last but not least, the wooden shoe. I want to buy one, but...which dress should I match it with?

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

The first glimpse of Germany

When we arrived at Düsseldorf, it was only 2100, but during winter, it was dark. The journey from the airport to the city center was impressive. Before embarking on the real train, we had to get into sky train! The first ride in our life.

The city is small, combination of both (very) modern and historical old city. It gave us the impression of Amsterdam due to the canal-like river. However, in my non-architect-ly eyes, the building is far different from the Dutch. A nice town to relax and enjoy life. Pharmaceutical-related items like formula milk for children are cheap compared to what we have in Barcelona. I can´t wait for the next trip. Berlin - here we come!

The City Hall

Beautiful side walk cafe at the Rhine riverbank

An Art Museum with Pied Piper plague on the top, wish it can be viewed clearly.

Beatiful canal-like river..Makes me think of Amsterdam

The best Holandes pommes with curry sauce in the world - and it is cheap!

In front of St Lambertus church. The sun is shining but it was still cold.

Knock-knock! Whose car?

Rhine tower from the other side of the river. Magnificent view!