Monday, 25 May 2009

Amir, Niza and Andorra (of course, we too!)

During the end of May, we received special guests from home, our in laws. It was really great as we seldom have families coming over. Got some news fresh from the source (and gossips too), some dried food but above all the feeling is indescribable.

So, we decided to have some visits regardless my work was unfinished. Come on, a weekend done nothing would not make you stupider..okay.

Andorra is actually near to Barcelona, about 3 hours driving with condition, took the highway through Cadi tunnel. But as adventurous as before, we drove through the mountains, up to altitude 1600meters above sea level which cause Zara to vomit! And who the unlucky person of all? Me, as she was sitting on my lap instead of the chair. (Basically it is compulsory for baby to sit on the chair, but in our case, the chair is merely a decoration to save us from traffic offence. She hates it!)

But once we arrived there... wallah.. It is truly beautiful. Err.. Andorra is actually a skiing heaven, but we went there in spring. Most of the mountain caps were covered with snow, but no way visitors can ski at this particular time. Another attractions of Andorra are the biggest spa in the world and also a free tax country. So those who are aiming for shopping, most prices especially gadgets, branded items and pro bicycle are cheap there. (Us? We were just sight seeing).

I felt that Andorra is like having Cameron Highlands combine with Langkawi. That is the nearest description for those who are thinking of visiting Andorra. Yet, you never know till you set your own foot there. Give it a try!

A building near city centre of Andorra la Vella

A walk through a building towards our hotel

The other side of Andorra city hall

Andorra City Hall

A church nearby

The faces of my love...

The old church

Passage to a mall and recreation area

Look at the location of the town, it is surrounded by real mountains

Amir & Niza, many thanks for visiting us (Location: Plaça España)

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