Sunday, 3 May 2009

Feria: Flor de Maig

Spring is celebrated with smile and full of colours, not only in Germany (Zarina) but also here in Spain. In my town, it is celebrated non stop 24 hr a day for four days starting 1st May till 4th. There are many events, from parade to market, from spring cleaning to fun fair.

After settling down in our new apartment (we moved to a new one, which is my father claimed as not moving at all as it is situated about 200m from the old one), we treated ourself to the fair. It is not big but managed to get the whole town alive for 4 days, with bumper cars, rodeo, catch the duck, shooting rifle, dart throwing and mini casino of slots.

We are kind of glued to the slots, and after some 'investment' we win a big electric paella pan. So much about cooking. But the main goal is achieved, which we enjoyed ourself while my husband still has his thesis pending and I my self have 2 thick articles to absorb for tomorrow lecture. Mmmmm....

Bumper cars

Mediavel bakery

My brand new electric paella pan

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