Tuesday, 4 May 2010


When we reached Antwerp, the weather changed, from the nearing thawing winter to wet winter (aka raining). It was cloudy, so we rushed to visit everything, taking every opportunity to avoid the rain. So these are pictures with less caption.

My favorite picture of Antwerp: integration of classic and modern architecture side by side.

Aahh, I remember this picture in front of Steen Castle. If you are able to see a small curve on top of the arc, that is SEMINI - the symbol of fertility. According to the information encrypted,  women will look up upon it and wish for getting child(ren). But now, it is a symbol of vitality and creativity of  Antwerpen. At my back is the statue of Lange Wapper - the water spirit.

In front of Central Station, Antwerp

In front of the ticket office inside Central Station Antwerp

More picture of this museum-like station. I wonder are they using real gold plated?

In front of the hotel

And thank you Lord, everything is in good hand.

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