Sunday, 29 June 2008

Bienvenidos a mi blog

After being in Barcelona for eleven months and kept promising family and friends that I will create my own blog, here I am. Trying a new thing which is not really familiar but I have to try. Actually I am kind of tired sending emails to friends, unable to update them about my well being in Barcelona. I am kind of a lazy person to inform people about my condition here. As my father always said to my siblings," Your sister won't inform her family about her well being, unless she had problems. (Which is totally untrue, I always call my mom, duh!) So, if she is in her silence mode, means everything is fine". Okay, I have to admit that on certain thing I prefer to be silence, but for me sharing my itsy bitsy tiny winy problem with my family will mess their mind. Am I right? Every people will have their own way, so this is mine. I have a good heart, believe me.

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