Thursday, 31 December 2009

2009 & 2010

How to do this tag:
Do some writing in a language you are not familiar with or just learned, then using an automatic online translator translate it into English. At the end, explain what is the exact thing you would like to express. At last, don´t forget to tag your friend. Have fun!

In Spanish:
Luna azul es una phenomena cuando tiene dos veces de luna llena en un mes. Se llama luna azul porque en condicion especial, este luna se puede ver en azul. Ademas, es una phenomena raro porque se puede ver solamente cada 2.5 años. Este año es mas raro porque celebremos año nuevo, solamente en cada 12 años. Tengo suerte puedo verlo. Adios 2009 y bienvenido 2010 pero a luna azul hasta 2012!

According to Babel Fish:
Blue moon is a phenomena when it has twice of full moon in a month. Blue moon is called because in special condition, this moon can be seen in blue. Furthermore, it is a rare phenomena because it is possible to be seen only every 2,5 years. This year is but rare because we celebrate New Year, only in every 12 years. I have luck because I can see it. Goodbye 2009 and welcome 2010 but to Blue Moon until 2012!

But what I meant to say is....
Blue moon is a special phenomenon when it has twice of full moon in a month. It is called blue moon as in certain condition we can see the moon bluish. It is rare, only happens in every 2.5 years. However, this year is special as we are celebrating new year with it, which happens in every 12 years. I am lucky to see it. Goodbye 2009 and welcome 2010 but for blue moon see you in 2012!

So, my friends, do help me. Comment or do another one like mine.
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Didie said...

huhu.. french aku nak berkarat dah. boleh ker aku nak mengarang :-p

Honeysuckle said...

hentam je, janji boleh bg terbelit lidah