Monday, 7 February 2011

Andalusia - Granada

After Cordoba, Granada is our next favorite place, mainly due to Alhambra and Flamenco. Even tough the sun is shining, we could see the surrounding mountains of Serra Nevada still fully covered by snow and the temperature was a bit cold. Yet, it was absolutely mesmerized.

A plaza near our hotel, feels like in the Arabic Gulf or in tv series - Zorro.

A plague in front of the Puerta de Perdon (Forgiving Door?)

Specialized tea shop where rip me off! Lucky, pina colada flavoured tea was worth the spending.

Entrance to Alhambra (top) and shots from many parts of Alhambra (below). There are so many thing to indulge in Alhambra especially the architecture and gardens. Sitting alone and savour the view took most of our time. Absolutely beautiful! 


Cordoba city viewed from Alhambra

We wrapped our visit by enjoying Flamenco in Sacromonte, performed in a cave. (top: Part of Sacromonte village at the base of a mountainous terrain; below: a flamenco dancer)

Bye bye beautiful Granada!

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