Saturday, 5 July 2008

Verano en Barcelona, Invierno en Canberra

Summer is here. The heat is unbelievable. Luckily we are in Barcelona, the temp now is more or less like Malaysia, but those who are in Sevilla, Malaga of Andalucia, the weather can reach 41 degree Celsius easily. And yesterday they experienced 46 degree.

Summer shows the more exiting part of life in Spain. More events are being organized, yet I'm on the unlucky part, unable to enjoy it as my confinement is not over. So to kill the time, I sit in front of the computer, reading, sleeping and make myself busy with the new born.

As for my love, he has more things to enjoy. Cycling, roller blading, sight seeing etc. And the summer sale is also here. But, seldom I found my man enjoying this particular event. Proudly said, he admitted doing things alone is bored as we always do things together. Now I can't wait for my confinement to reach its end, thus we can have summer vacation, shopping and start wandering around. And for a friend from Germany, we will wait for you to visit us!

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