Sunday, 20 July 2008

Zara's Day Out: Sabadell

Last Saturday, we went out for a little tour combined with shopping spree event for the whole family. It was also the first day we took our baby, Zara, for a serious outing. Aimed to be a long day outside. Oh ya, in July,it is sale season. Just like Boxing Day in UK, but longer. It takes the whole month but some shops extend it to early August. Everything is discounted.

So, off we went to Sabadell, attacking ZARA outlets.By the way, my hubby and I are not the brand conscious type. We aimed to conduct a 'wanna check the price' mission. Yet then, oh my goodness! The price is unbelievable. We bought 2 shirts (one for him and one for me) and a pair of jeans for only 40 Euro. Imagine that. There were a lot of shirts, blouses, pants, undergarment, shoes, accessories priced from 5.95 Euro. Pff! I went crazy, my hubby went crazy, we were crazy. And we still talk about it. Also, thought of extending our shopping spree soon before the season ends. And we also bought the baby 2 dresses and a pair of pant for 22 Euro. The price checking mission took us 5 hours.

Later, we enjoyed the town of Sabadell. It is summer, children playing with water at the fountain. People came out, sitting at the park. We walked through the Rambla, visited the church, and the architecture is amazing. It is difficult to explain but I took pictures. So, just look at the pictures as the saying saying goes. Picture speaks louder than words.

As for our baby, she had her an 8-hour tour. She was exhausted from sleeping in the stroller, but she behaved herself very well. Bravo!


Odie said...

oit.. kecik2 dah ajar anak shopping nih :-p
Zarina will definitely go nuts sampai Barca nanti.. hehehe

Zara in Germany said...

wei didie...ngumpat eh...sgt aku shopping sakan..tu pun byk lagi benda on the list yg tak terbeli...