Friday, 2 January 2009

The time we met...

I know him when I was in school. The last time we met was in 1994, during our fifth-form. We are from the same town. After SPM, there was nothing about him that I knew until recently, he is in Manchester. Now he is married, and so do I. Oye, this is not a love story ya. He is a friend of my husband but we are all from the same school.

Syamsul that I know is more or less the same person from my previous years, only more matured, wiser. Surprisingly, he is not changing to a person who grows snobbish even after 12 years living in UK. Glad to know people who still holding to their roots. I am happy to meet him and his wife. And he is lucky to have a wife who is a great cook. I even learned from her.
Syamsul Azri, with one of his signature pose..
His lovely wife, Nazirah, "Nice meeting you"

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