Friday, 2 January 2009

Broading my view - Manchester

The first and the last stop of our visit is Manchester. Despite of being here from the beginning, it was merely a pit-stop. Towards the end of the journey, we were more than ready to explore it.

Since, while we were in London, shopping spree seem unconnected with me, it was kind of pay back time now. I went to the city center to shop.

Every possible stores that I interested was attacked.

We (yeah with my husband, Zara and Syamsul trailing far back) went to every directions.

And I wonder why Hard Rock Cafe here was not flooded with people. In Barcelona, even you are entering for free utilization of the WC, it is pack.

Still I managed to feed the birds at Piccadilly.

And took pictures of the two (err 3 including me actually) high school mates. Note: we have not seen each other since 1994.

I knew where Manchester Library is..

But the best visit of all was to the stadium of Manchester United.

And the Town Hall is beautiful, I firstly mistaken it for a cathedral.

Yeah, I explore..I did it my way. One thing for sure, I know somewhere, somehow Syamsul and Nazirah are going to miss this place, very much.

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