Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Broading my view - London (Part 2)

Zara: I wish mummy or daddy holds me. This is boring and all I can see is people's rear end.
Epilogue II: I really wish that the CD is working properly

London is popular with museums. There are a lots of museums, mind ya, from free to fee entrance. I wish (yeah, the word is been abused, I know), Zara is not crying and we can look through every single item in tranquility.

The British Museum

The Science Museum...

Natural History Museum

Victoria and Albert's Gallery

Royal Albert Hall

'Open-air' Art Gallery

Museum of Bank of England

The historical place of 1st post mark in the world...

By Royal Mail, I guess..mmm

Besides that, London is also popular with parks. And one of the popular parks other than Hyde Park is...

Kensington's Garden.

Also flooded with all kind of monuments such as Wellington's Arc.

Events are countless, but my favorite of all is....(drum roll)

Changing of the Guard.

I did not expect many people come too see it..

But then I had to swim around people.

It disappointed a little bit as I expect they are going to wear the red coat, but hey it is WINTER!

Seeing them marching is spectacular, even tough the number of guards is small compared to any kind of marching we had during MERDEKA Day..Still, it was a great experience.

Just to note our route so that we won't get lost..

And one of the prestigious education institution is Imperial College London. Unfortunately I did not know where I put the picture of LSE and UCL, or else we can share.

Beautiful landmark which always mistakenly identified as London Bridge is actually Tower Bridge.

London Bridge is just normal bridge with the caption "London Bridge".

But anywhere I went, I saw neons and billboards indicating "SALE",

and "SALE",

and "SALE", especially here...

at Oxford Street but they said..

There is only one SALE aka at Harrods.

I went too..

And coming out smiling...(And my husband was grumbling, hehehe, I love you baby)

I even called my mom to talk about the crazy "SALE".

And at the end of the day, the most 'tired' is Zara for sitting and sleeping in her stroller. "I want to be carried, HELLO mom and dad".

But with her in the stroller we were forbidden from riding in this historical double decker. OUCH!

So, off we went to Manchester, heart broken. This time we really enjoy the technology, rapid train. (Is this correct? I am not sure cause in Spain it is called AVE = Alta Velocidad).

(Next to come: Manchester)

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