Monday, 29 December 2008

Broading my view - London (Part 1)

Some pictures just speak for themselves... and the CD where we burned those pictures really test my patience. "Darling, should we buy a new laptop?"

When we reached Luton Airport to return the car, my heart broke. I was so used to be with the car, but I have to realized that was only rented. Hope I don't miss it.

This was how we looked with some of the luggage. I still have the other one. Feel like an army.

At the underground, so cold, so not user friendly. Not like what we used to have in Barcelona. I could not imagine how much I will complain when we are back home for good. The public transportation is totally sucks!

London Eye! But also not user friendly for my neck.

Westminster Abbey. My husband was so engrossed with this building, it was uncountable how many pictures he took, with similar yet different angle.

Big Ben. (singing) Hickory Dickory Dock, the mouse ran up the clock. The clock struck 1, the mouse ran down, Hickory Dickory Dock.

Better view of London Eye.

The Banqueting House and its history.

And the famous Trafalgar Square. I wish we came earlier so that we could see the lion speaks.

Let's go to Waterloo and jeng jeng jeng... Borne Ultimatum!

All red, but the main subject was not really happy. Posing half hearted, I supposed.

The London Walk in 2008, in 1666, there was a big fire and destroyed 4/5 of London.

The information on the above insert is totally true as I got it from Museum of London.

St. John's Cathedral.. (berapa banyak St John daaaa)

Bank Station

A busy day at Regent Street, where I had to swim around the people, pushing Zara's stroller.

What a good approach to attract clients to buy toys, "Welcome to Wonderland, where Santa prepares toys for next year Christmas".

"Help me!". I was drawn in the sea of people at Oxford street.

A theater ...

This was the least people I saw...

But still... pfff!!

I wish I could watch one of the plays.. like We will Rock You, or Billy Elliot...

Yet, have to satisfy myself by admiring the angel on top of the building

Hyde Park Corner. The picture is blur cause I want it to be. So sorry, I was testing my photographic skill.

Yummy, only that I don't have that sweet tooth.

Princess Diana' s memorial walk.

Winterland in Hyde Park

The mini London Eye


lin said...


i envy you.. enjoying the trip eh? besnya... :) load more pics k..

Honeysuckle said...

ada, mmg byk lg cuma MALAS yg terlebih. tp apa2 pun sumer gambar pasal trip tu akan di upload. Cuma cepat dan lambat je..