Thursday, 25 December 2008

Broading my view - North England

We have planned for this trip for quite sometimes. The preparation was quite an headache I have to admit, documentation, accommodation, transportation, route, places to go, clothing and attire, and the most important, things for the little one. She took most of our space, baby food, diapers, jackets, stroller, safety car seat including blanket! Not forgetting bottles and thermos for hot water. And we still lack another thermos for her food. Note for the next trip. And all that sum up to one trolley bag and 2 backpacks, the stroller is another separate item. Madre mia!

Basically, the trip covered two regions, first the north of England and Scotland, later England. With Manchester as our main pit stop (thanks Syamsul and Nazirah) we started our journey on Christmas day from Manchester to Leeds, visiting a friend for a few hour, then drove to Newcastle before stopping at Edinburgh for the day.

Unfortunately, while in Leeds, this is the only picture we remembered to captured. The excitement of traveling is higher. Furthermore my love was still adjusting himself after 14 months without the wheels. Then, we moved up further to Newcastle.

There is nothing much we could explore while in Newcastle as it was Christmas. Most places were colsed, but that did not stopped us. We visited....

St James's park, the home stadium for the Toons or the Magpies,
but better known as Newcastle United, the football team of

the city of Newcastle Upon Tyne, then to

an unknown square, with a monument of a knight riding a horse,

enjoying the architecture of the city before taking break in a Turkish restaurant.

Yummy! My savory rice with roasted lamb..Seriously finger licking good.. and continued our exploration to
University of Newcastle (just beside the monument in this picture background, but we could not capture it as the lens does not permit, huhuhu)
and ended at the city hall (I guess).

I could not remember whether it is a city hall or a cathedral, but take a look at the building, and make your guess.

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