Friday, 26 December 2008

Broading my view - Scotland

The journey continued to the land of highlanders where kilt and bagpipes are their pride. Instead of using the motorway, we took the route through countryside and found this sign..

and this too.

We suddenly felt like highlanders. "Yo mate, r u alright mate?". Hahaha, so much influenced by Braveheart. But, I tell you, the landscape changed and it was really breathtaking. We even stopped at the roadside,

to enjoy the view..

The reflection of the bridge on the river water is like a big mirror.

At last, we reached Edinburgh, the city where I dreamed to be. It is really beautiful, and historic.

We took a little time to settle down in the hotel, and rushed out to enjoy the scenery. Edinburgh is totally awesome! I was shipped back to the years before.

The temperature below zero was totally not an obstacle for us. Wrapped in thick jacket, gloves and muffler, we perused all streets, and this is the Scott Monument at Princess Street, and at the corner of Royal Scottish Exhibition hall we took a hike to

Playfair Steps

and arrived at General Assembly Building. The lightings were amazing.

Next day, we moved on with our exploration. We started heading to

Princess Mall,

but we stopped to indulge the architecture of the Register.

This is the full view of Register building. Also from there we can see

Edinburgh Castle up above on a hill. It's panoramic. But it was too soon to be there. When we reached the end of Princess Street and Shanwick Place,
there stood St John's Cathedral.

At the opposite of this St John Cathedral,

situated Caledonian Hotel, a building stood on his own. I wonder how such an 'antique' building was converted into a classy hotel. It should cost so much to stay there.

Then we strolled along King's Stable Road, and there was an area of

St Cuthbert's Churchyard.

There was ancient cemetery where lies the most important figure in Scotland (but I don't know how important were they, most names started with title) and Grassmarket before

climbing a staircase...

beside Victoria Street to be

on the Esplanade and took a closer look at the castle itself. It is huge.

This is the beginning of a path known as Royal Mile.

At the beginning of this path is the famous Edinburgh Castle.

The path of Royalmile is really a mile long. Alongside there are many places such as The Tartan Weaving Mill, Castle Hill, the Hub,
Writer's Gallery, David Hume Statue,

Museum of Childhood, Canon Gate,

Scottish Parliament and at the end is Holyrood Palace.

Here in not even half yet. I was sure because

I did check the map. My feet were turning into jellies, but

look, the end was not yet been seen! Madre mia!

Lucky the were many crooks and nooks to be discovered and

we even found an amusement from the 'shocking pink' black cab. What a tour!

When we finished our so call scrutinizing, the sun already set. We were hungry and OMG! We forgot to take lunch. So, off we went to fill our stomach, and then back to the hotel and sleep till next morning. Another day completed.


Zara in Germany said...

bilela aku nak sampai...huhu

Honeysuckle said...

Relaks beb, byk masa lg. Tp mmg cantik tau Scotland said...

sungguh cantik...
m sure gmbr ni ngan camera baru eh?
cantik! i like!
esp gmbr yang kat depan Register tu...
nak pegi jugak..!!!