Wednesday, 17 December 2008

EIBTM 2008 (part 1)

Early December,I worked with Malaysian Tourism Paris as temporary staff during their EIBTM 08 exhibition. During these days, (based on my understanding) beside promoting Malaysian as business and leisure spot,this event provided platform to agents to promote their products. For example, Kuala Lumpur Convention Center promoting their venue of conferences and conventions for professionals to conducts events and later extending the stay for golf, or beaches or outdoor activities with alliances of another agents. End of academic part.

The best experience of all is meeting people. I really love this part. Now I knew who is the Deputy Minister of Tourism, I met Malaysian team of En Sulaiman, En Zulkiffli, Pn Zamilah, Pn Nadia, and Pn Fauziah. The France team, En Jefri and wife, En Logi, Clemence, and Normala. I met the agents; Mr Ooi (whom people wondering why I called him Mr), Pn Aldina, Lay Teng, Christina , Cecilia, Sheau Ling, Rachel, Laurent Myter, TJ and many more.

On these days also, I had my first cocktail party. Thanks for the invitation. My husband even laughed at me (I know this is of his admiration, right darling?)when I was fidgeting whether to go or not to go. I expect during cocktail party, people have to dress up but as this is business cocktail party so the dress code is wear whatever you have during working hours. Phew!! Save by the bell.

I am glad I took the job. It is tiring but enjoyable, also it came with good pay. I am proud of myself when Mr Ooi told me that I am the most efficient tea lady he met ever since he joined EIBTM. And when Kak Ila (Pn Zamilah) said,"...asked her for things in the store, she knows almost everything. She can find it". Hmmm, it sent me to moon.

By the way I wanted to take this opportunity to congratulate Pn Nadia for her upcoming second baby. Hopefully everything goes fine, perfectly fine. Suerte ya.

And as usual, these are the pictures. There are more coming up, so lets wait for EIBTM part 2. I will update it as soon as possible when I got the pictures.

Pn Zamilah and I

Clemence, giving her presentation of Malaysia, Truly Asia

From left to right: Pn Zamilah, Normala, Lay Teng, me, Pn Fauziah, Pn Nadia and Cik Pah (OMG! What is her full name, silly me for not asking. By the way she is En.Jefri's wife)

During lucky draw session, done by Malaysian Honorary Consulate.

Normala, Mr Ooi, Pn Nadia, me, Pn Zamilah and Mr Significant-half

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