Tuesday, 16 December 2008


Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs. Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

And I was tagged by Zarina.

Fact 1
Generally I believe that my life now is more manageable, financially stable and I am more at ease. Thanks to my Lord, my significant half, my family for giving me all the support that I need, for better for worse. And motherhood is fantastic.

Fact 2
I never realize that when I am stressed I am ugly. I mean really ugly. My temper is uncontrollable, I hate myself, I throw tantrum, I make faces, I get lazy and spend my time sleeping looongg hours, neglecting my chores and more and more. Usually I try to shake off the stress by spending my time under hot shower till I sweat and shiver. But when my significant half get snapped, it all gone automatically. What a way to recovery and I don't like it.

Fact 3
I have been living with straight hair since donkey years ago. I take care of it seriously. Last 2 months I permed it and I hate it till today. I try my best to like it, with all the hair products but the result is on and off. So, next time when I tell anybody that I want to change my hair style, please remind me of this.

Fact 4
I think I have informed this last time when I was tagged, I have a talent of cooking. And now I think I am more demanding. I told my husband I need pressure cooker, electric grill and a new microwave. I think I already gotten one of the permanent fevers my ibu does.

Fact 5
I never judge people from what they did. I started to judge them once I know them. I seldom hate people but once I hate them, it is going to be lifetime. When I say I really hate, it is going to be the whole ancestors! So far after living for 31 years, I only have 2 families to hate. (Ancestors, remember?) And those two families started with A. So two As family. So don't try to tell me their stories, their news, their achievement, their ups and down, their whatsoever. I don't even want to look at their face, hear their voice or smell them. I hate them and I don't give a damn. You get the message?

Fact 6
I never think of myself and my hubby as separate entity. It always him and I, me and he. I am glad he thinks of the same thing too. So no such thing as my family, his family, my problem or his problem and the biggest fact that most ladies out there oppose is "my money is his, and his money is all mine". No secret. We are like a coin, one side is him, another is me. Instead of looking at the coin as two faces that never see each other, we are two faces whom guarding each others back.

Fact 7
Thank Allah for letting me be a Malaysian. I love the sun. Yeah, with all the itchiness when sweating, neediness for sunshade and air conditioning system. It is true. I don't really like cold of especially from fall to winter. It is gloomy, cloudy. I am really waiting for spring and summer. I like my clothes dried and crisped, iced cold water, beaches and pools. Whatever it is, I love sunshine and warm.

Additional fact
I wish there are more than 7 facts required. I have so many to share. But I have to tag too. So, Shuhada, Niza, Mimi, Kak Gee, Nazatul Akmar and.. ermm ermmm, unfortunately my list ends here. For those who has no blog, it would be my pleasure to read it in facebook.

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