Sunday, 28 December 2008

Broading my view - Stirling

"He, who holds Stirling, holds Scotland"

On 27th December, we were more than ready to visit the place of William Wallace. I did not know what to expect, what I have in mind was at least a museum of him and his history. So early morning, we started driving to Stirling. The weather was good, the sun shining and melted the ice, but the temperature is still below zero.

When we arrived at Stirling, we headed straight to Wallace Monument. The building is situated up on a hill.

As my husband was busying capturing pictures, I had to push our baby up the hill. It was really steep and I was puffing heavily for oxygen. Please, remind me I have to start my exercise regime back to increase my stamina.

But, once on top, the view was spectacular. From far we could see Stirling Castle.

Unfortunately, the museum was still closed due to festive season, so I had to satisfy myself by standing at the entrance door. And I felt like an astronauts with my white thick jacket. Solo falta una casco.

I was still lucky, even it was below zero, but it was not snowing. I don't fancy cold weather. Thank God, the ice was melting.

I wonder why we only have a picture of the building from side view, but none from the front in full. Strange...

Partly frustrated (and partly cold) , we headed downhill.

And the way down was better than climbing up of course!

As we took the public path,

we came across a notice board, with information of the monument, the vegetation around the area (I wonder why they have to tell visitors about trees and plants around the area), and what are the things can be seen.

Save the time thinking about vegetation, we also found a bar-restaurant named William Wallace, which informed us an important fact,

William Wallace was born in 1270 and died in 1305. He only had 35 years of life, but managed to make a history.

Later, we continued to visit the castle that we could see from Wallace Monument. The Stirling Castle.

The reception was welcoming and 'ancient'.

Still , I had to push the stroller,

And I pitied my baby, as her stroller has small wheels, but at least it helps both of us to get around easily.

Stirling Castle had a full history about the Scot. It even quoted that if William Wallace was still alive, he would never recognize this castle even tough it was very influential in his life as it had been used as a castle, a frontier agaist war, a military barrack and now a museum.

The chapel that was used for meditating is now open for visitors to make their own interpretation on the painting of 12 apostles.

The great hall which welcome guests and held many unforgettable events before was now been the place of the 'new king and queen' to pose.

The field where the soldiers trained and equipped themselves was abandoned.

The building which kept the castle staff was turned into regimental museum.

The main palace was kept being renovating...

Luckily, the cemetery area was well maintained and become a good park to have a stroll when the weather permits.

And the cannon were well maintained and shining even it never shot anything now.

And the dungeon, was frequently visited anxiously instead of frighteningly.

People come in and out almost everyday.

Even tough the great kitchen is not working as the way it used to be. I know my mother would like to have a big great medieval kitchen like this.

But we would object it, as it would likely had my father to add an adjacent building to the house, and we had to walk further just to get a glass of water.

And the palace...

has its own garden with trees,

err.. I mean a well maintained trees, not like the one on the hill of Wallace Monument.

A well maintained big garden, where you have to get out of the castle, be on the carriage just to enjoy the sun.

The castle is a great castle, with full of story and pictures.

The view is great, no wonder it was a place where the Royal Scottish come to rest, instead of Edinburgh Castle. I loved to spend more time there, but my stomach was grumbling. Time to fill in something. Ahhh...I remembered. The pushing on Wallace's hill spent all the 'fuel' that needed for the day. So before this lovely wife of Zulkffli turned to ugly monster, we left Stirling. Next destination was more gastronomic rather than visiting.

Personally, I did not like Glasgow much. I think the development there change the view I expected to find on the Scottish land.

Even the building still bear the Gothic architecture,

there were too many people, too many. It gave me headache.

Crossing the road was difficult,

but this museum was inviting.

Since I was hungry, I did not really care. Food darling, hurry.

And after I was fed, I started to find well, Glasgow as not as bad, but too bad, it was late already. So sad..

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