Saturday, 7 March 2009


We never been far from exploring the Barcelona from the heart itself. When our friend were here, we decided to replace a BBQ at Kak Akma's house as Affy got chicken pox. I haven't got it yet and furthermore, with a baby I don't have the courage to go too. Then, Montserrat here we are!

Basically, from the heart of Barcelona, Montserrat is located about 50 km northwest. Literally meaning 'Serrated Mountain', it is unlike any other mountain in the Barcelona region. Huge jagged pillars of rock line the ridges of Montserrat and 13 hermitages and two major monasteries are located on it. It is accessible by cable-car, a narrow gauge train, or a road which is not for the faint of heart. The Monestir de Montserrat is the major attraction and is located just across from the cable-car and train stations.

It is really up high place. During the day we were lucky, the sun was shining brightly. I even took off my jumper, and with only a thin t-shirt, we explored the place. Sincerely speaking, the place is more like a worshiping place for Christians - Catholic I think. Since we are not related to that, this place is suitable for mountaineers to rock climbing, hiking, down hill bike and for photographers to capture amazing pictures.

We tried to capture the blue sky, the flowers, also baby with flowers. And look at her, her eyes were twitching to adjust to the bright sun shine. (Fact: mummy and daddy were busy encouraging me to pose but how could I pose with pooh in my diaper!)

There are also hotels, cafe, gift shop for tourist who want to spend overnight. (Another fact: How could they put me in the saco when it is hot!! It is true, during the journey, I vomitted on mummy's shirt, and now she lets it dry on my stroller, see that white thing above my head?)

This is one of the many hermitages which are located on the mountain. Most of them are accessible by hiking trails of various distances and difficulties. Many of them are now in ruins due to Napoleon, the Spanish Civil War, or just time and weather. The earliest monasteries on the mountain date from 1025. There is also a school for boy choir on top of these hills establish from the late centuries.

And as usual, daddy is the photograper, and we are the subjects. At the end, everybody is happy.

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