Wednesday, 25 February 2009

La Molina

I am laughing out loud now. Happiness cannot be bought BUT it costs some monetary items. I am not angry anymore, the PC is now faster after my love added extra RAM. Therefore, in order to enjoy my new 'gift', I am blogging on the recent trip. And I would like to thank Kak Akma and her husband, Jose (a.k.a Abang Kamal), for the treat.

Destination: The top of this mountain, Catalan Coastal Mountain Chain, Pyrenees (based on my hubby's field research activities)

The trip was skiing to La Molina, near the France-Andorra border. We went early morning with their kids whom were more or less as much excited as we were (but we left ours cause we did not know what to expect). Mind ya, SNOW = very COLD .

Senor Nieve!

Fun sledge

Stamping on the snow, Jose, Daniel and Shasha.

I was dragging my feet in the knee-depth snow.

Who says only the petite was struggling? The big one too!

Take a break, but no Kit Kat

My first experience of skiing, even my jacket matches the boot. Wink wink, Emmy!

And I am not the only one, look at Kak Akma. The ladies took it seriously.

The best shot of my husband, smiling and ready

Conclusion 1: I had no idea what to expect on the skiing trip. I even told almost everybody that the trip was going the first and the last one in my life. The reason being is I do not like cold weather. Then, it was not so bad. I like it and expect some more later. I told my husband that starting from this winter, we need to collect some items, such as a proper jackets and boots, not only for us but for the little one too. And he agreed.

Conclusion 2: Adding extra RAM to enhance performance of slow PC works. Thanks to a friend for his advice (and for saving our money too. We are not victims of rushing).


Nas Plague said...

zul & wife... giler envy aku kat korang... :P kalau aku dah snowboard dah.. chessss...

tahun ni tak dapat nak travel... busy with band... :P lagi satu chessss

Kmar said...

Merl, you should cerita about the ´after-effect´... pain all over the body!!!.. ha.ha...

The most important thing, we had a good time.

mirzana said...

now u know how it feels to struggle in the knee-depth snow (6 months + everyday + right in front of our building = mine worse)n im not that petite type, im severe malnutrition! btw mana meow, xd pun dlm pics?? save some snow for abah, he sure jeles gila!!! :D :D :D