Monday, 23 February 2009


Carnaval is celebrated widely in most European countries. I am not sure what is the purpose though. But on this day, everybody dressed up. For me it is more like a family event. Everybody involves in a parade, with their own theme.

Not left behind, my little town Cerdanyola. Instead of a day, our parade took 2 days. The first day was smaller but the second day was really a celebration.

People danced together like a Bollywood movie

Every schools, organization participated in this parade, like these clown and chicken...

And the McDonald's farm...

Asterix from the elementery school...

The parade also became a platform to express dissapointment by saying "The crisis made me show off my rear"

There the proof!

But the best of all for me, is looking and enjoying the happiness of these cute faces in their own theme and pround to be given such a big responsibility - to involve in the parade itself.

A butterfly and a spider...

A little Keira Knitghly from Pirate of the Carribbean with an F1 racer to be.
(Team Renault tu beb)

Snow White with the step mother's mirror


Knight without his shining armour



Harry Porter

A witch and...mmmm cream caramel with chocolate??

A freind of Emily Strange

Little Antonio Banderas' "the mask of Zorro"

Clown boy

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

A black pawn

And the white pawn to make a pair!

A fan of GnR

Mary's little lamb

But my baby is still in her blue jacket, without any theme..
*Apsal lah sekolah makcik Fatimah tak join!!

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