Monday, 23 February 2009

Falling Apart....

This is an actual time note.

I am angry, getting really angry easily. Those computers are all the reason being why. It slows, it crashes, it hangs. Madre mia!! It has been a month and my hubby and I are so busy ( but I don´t really sure what are all the business about accept Carnaval and our skiing trip). We received suggestions from friends on how to overcome it.
  • Reformatting - did.
  • Scan disk - did.
  • Defragment - did
  • Replace the RAM - we are surveying the price, so to say in progress
  • Buy a new one - we try not to. Now it it crisis, we have to save, daaaa...
So, help me God!

1 comment:

Zara in Germany said... a new one. you will be noticeably less angry after that...