Thursday, 18 February 2010

A broken dream

Fancy, savouring blini with caviar at Red Square Moscow, relishing the Cathedral of the Resurrection, or also known as The Saviour-on-the-Blood, and a walk at Peterhov, enjoying the last fall of snow...A wish will never come through unless we worked for it. Without hesitate, after discussing with my sister who is still in Moscow, we bought our flight there. While preparing the documents for obtaining visa, we watched lists of documentary, to get the grasp of what not to miss. (Ehem, that was basically only me).

From day to day, we worked on small steps towards our visa. First, we need an invitation letter. As my sis´s university refused issuance for us, we obtained it from an online private agent (the site was given by the uni).And it cost  us almost 100€. But, beforehand we needed to show that we already had booked an accommodation, it cost us another 30€ as 10% deposits. As what are requested by Russian Consulate, we called to make an appointment to process our visa. The reply was discouraging. We were required to obtain it from appointed agent as the office do not process any visa application from individuals. Only agents are entertained. We started panicking.

As the ticket already in hand, we contacted an agent. As every agent on earth would say," owh...that is invalid, the further requirement are actually more than the advertised, there was a new rule, and since you are not applying from your home country we have to this, and that...and this one too. You see, the procedure is...blah blah blah". And the list went on and on. At the end, we were forced to make a choice between adding up about 500€ to our budget (which we do not have!) if we insisted to go there or to change the route and top up the difference. If we decided to proceed, still there is no assurance we will get our visa. At last the decision is made, to change the route and go somewhere else.

Like shattered crystal into thousand pieces, I see my wish turn to thick white fog. What went wrong? At this point of time I really hate them. My closes friends know how upset I am. We discuss about the political policy, human behavior including why in many Hollywood movies most villains are Russian. I am not saying that one party is better than the other, that is subjective. The point now is, I am sad because my vacation plan to visit Russia is now back in wish list. Ay blini.

(Since I fail to get myself there) instead of blini with caviar, this is Russian blini with salmon.

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