Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Benvenuti a Milano - prego! prego!

Milan in best for people who love high-fashions and shopping. For me, the best time for me to revisit Milan is when my pockets all full including the pockets of my immediate banker. D&G, Armani, Diesel, Gucci, Prada are among the names to visit and revisit. Surprisingly, it is more expensive than what I found here in Barcelona (some of them, but I am not keen in shopping, so forgive my limited knowledge). As shopping is not my main interest, I focus more on my visit - to see the places where Da Vinci´s code movie was filmed.

This is the one and only old castle in Milan - Sforzesco Castle's. It is a Museum of Historic Art as well as Gallery of Modern Art. The Pinacoteca di Brera exhibits collections of medieval and Renaissance art, including the work of Napoleon. Visitors also can find the last unfinished statue of Michaelangelo here.

Cathedral Santa Maria Nascente is where most tourist always got confused with Cathedral Santa Maria de Grazie, where the painting Last Supper is located. This cathedral is made from white shining marble. During a hot sunny day, the reflection may hurt your eyes, yet at night the sight is breathtaking.

This is the real place where visitors can find the painting of Last Supper by Da Vinci. To get in, pay €17.50 and you can view the painting maximum 15 minutes. The building is also protected by UNESCO due to the fact that it contributes to human civilization. (Quoted from plaque on the wall).

View from inside dome of Galeria de Vittorio Emanuele II. Here most designers outlet can be found, whether Italian or non-Italian designers. All are high fashions, so expect nothing cheap. Many designer brands can be found here.

As shopping mood is not in set, Red Riding (without) Hood decided to have a nice stroll with little Blue Riding Hood.

Have you ever find McDonald without red and yellow? It was my first time to find black and gold McDonald! I bet it meant to suit the luxury and elegance of the gallery.

Sometimes, the photographer also needs a break. Instead of taking picture of his various subjects, I took his picture in front of Prada.

In front of the old castle is a huge park. When we were there, we took the opportunity to let our little one to stretch her legs. It was amazing to see her run and climb, trying to jump and imitate us, till a lady approached us and asked whether we wanted to bring her to their agency and audition as a model. My baby as a model??!! In Milan? No way! Glamorous won´t fit in our lifestyles - punto. So those who want to be a model, why not try to start your career in Milan.

See?? The tower is just as tall as my hand reach!

All in all, Milan is better as shopping city. People go there with aim to find good quality items with names. Little can be done for sight seeing, but if you insist, it is still far from hear breaking. At least we achieved our objectives. Oh ya, food is easy to get, just spare your notes. To save a little, go outside the city center a bit and you get good, tasty halal food from Turks.

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