Sunday, 21 March 2010

Ciao bella (part 1)

This time I have to write something shorter. I know it is tiring to read such a long winding words of mine, so just view the pictures

Rome is beautiful and historical. Besides good food, the people are friendly and mostly they love children. Most tourists attractions are in walking distance but it covers such a wide area. Once you start, you will be far away from the starting point, even tough the route is planned in circular. Oh ya, souvenirs are cheap, so buy everything you want, it is worth!

Colesseo or Colosseum

Arc of Constantine

Watching a brass band at the outer side of Hallway of triumph

Modern gladiator practicing their fighting skill at Circus Maximus

Victor Emmanuel Monument or they translate it as the tomb of no name soldier

In front of the Pantheon

The back of Pantheon

Temple of Hadrian

Climbing up to Palazzo Venezia

Temple of Hercules Victor, Forum Boarium

Castel Sant´Angelo

Palazzo di Guistiza (Palace of Justice)

Theater of Marcellus

Column of Marcus Aurelius

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