Thursday, 25 March 2010

Interesting facts about Vatican City

A walk to Vatican City
  • The total land area of the state is  0.44 square km 
  • It is monarchical and ruled by whoever becomes the Bishop of Rome, that is the Pope who is elected.
  • The economy is dependent on printing industry, production of coins, postage stamps and financial activities plus tourism. It is absolutely non-commercial and the economy is largely supported by the annual tax collected from the Roman Catholic dioceses all over the world. e.
  • There is no agricultural activity.
  • 100% literate population and the languages spoken are Latin, Italian, French and English.
  • The ethnic groups that reside in the state are Italians, Swiss and many other nationalities from all over the world.
  • It is a landlocked country so no coastline.
  • No natural hazards to Vatican City
  • All area is urban and total population is about 932. The growth rate of population is approximately 1.15%.
  • There are not many roadways; most of them are only streets and lanes.
  • Railways can traverse a maximum of 0.86 km.
  • Since it is a small state with a small population the crime rate is much higher than Italy and approximately 90% of the cases remain unsolved.
  • The transport and communication system of Vatican City is well developed.

Part of St Peter´s Basilica

As for small country, nothing much to say, but a lot of museums to see. At least for me, for the sake of art.

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