Sunday, 26 December 2010

North Spain Tour - Valencia

It has been a looooong time since I have updated my blog. I am too occupied with my living (studying) schedule, and have no time to write but ample time for travelling. I still owe myself many entries as this blog serve as my travelling journal. Despite some 'misplaced' of pictures, I decided to fill in the blanks against chronology.

So, during winter break, we went exploring North Spain. However our journey starts from Valencia. Valencia is emmm nice but the main attractions which is different from other part of Spain is the City of Arts and Science, which is worth visiting and it will take most of the time there. Other than that, we are used to the rest.

 The city at night

 The 'eye'

 City of Arts and Science

  City of Arts and Science

  City of Arts and Science

 Main Train Station

 Plaza del Toro

 Mercado Central

 Inside Lonja

 Old Cathedral

Torre de Quarts

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