Friday, 23 July 2010

Den Haag

This entry should be entered long long time ago. I thought I lost the pictures, but in fact it is there, in my external hard disk, never went anywhere. Sigh.

The trip that we made to Den Haag (Dutch)/ The Hague (English) was together with our long tour which started with Italy and ended with Brussels, somewhere during the last spring. Den Haag is what I called as the town of Europe investment centre (we have some informal rule of thumb regarding investment - follow what is Den Haag or Brussels are investing at, then prosperity is at your doorstep) but my husband see it as a doorway to oil and gas expert industry. I agreed with him as most of our family and friends who involved in the industry must have been there many times for training.

The stadthuys (municipal hall) and library

The church

Zara met a friend who was willing to teach her how to skateboarding

The mosque that put us close to tear

The information

A cafe -luxury cafe on top of a designer lot

An entry where you can almost everything with famous signature

Side walk cafes

Physically,  Den Haag reminds me of Vienna. Not because of the architecture, but because most of shops are lining up designers brand, American, British, European, Italy or French from Burberry, Tommy, LV, YSL, you name it. Yet the most touching part of the visit was we found an old mosque which had history of Jewish synagogue. What a beautiful moment as if we were struck by lightning and bolts but standing tall, felt nothing.

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