Friday, 16 July 2010

Geneva: The UN headquarters

We don´t know what to expect in Geneva except for good watches. So off we flew without any intention to buy one. Later,  we learned that Geneva is out of the ordinary places that attract us except for one thing - the fact that is is the location for many of UN offices.

Everything in Geneva is expensive, from transportation cost, food, clothes and almost everything. The people speak French and little English despite that the town homed many foreigners.

The scenery is beautiful, with mountains and hills, that look up to the famous Lake Geneva - which means we spent most time at the park and let Zara explored her surroundings.

We found antique pairs of barometer and thermometer at a square near to the quay.

Surprisingly, during the last days of spring, the wind is still cold and sent shivers so I had to wrapped Zara in one of her  `kain bedung´ but that was not enough. She caught cold immediately that night.

My significant half managed to get himself a Swiss Army cap with Swiss flag branded on it.

Also, we realized that Swiss flag is square instead of rectangular like normal flags do.

I think they are filthy rich due to the fact that they are famous with Swiss bank, so it was not a surprise, they printed their flag on a garbage bag. Wished we can bring that bag home (of course an empty one- duh)

And I also wished we can spent our day just being lazy at the lake. 

A beautiful old church right in the middle of the town.

Can you see our Jalur Gemilang?

Daydreamed that one day we would have the chance to serve UN for the sake of humanity...

I like the uniqueness of the `sculpture ´ at the back, wondering what it tries to represent. I should google for it, but at the moment, time is luxury commodity that scarce to me.

We left the town happily, and we were happier to head for the next destination as finally Zara had the opportunity to meet one of her grandparents for the first time.

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