Sunday, 18 July 2010

Berlin: A family reunion

Family vacation! I met my parents after nearly 3 years not seeing them. I was happy, delighted, crazy, and every emotions surged in me when they came out from the arrival hall. My daughter seen one side of her grandparents for the first time. I took little attention to the places we were visiting (which was totally not me). Luckily Kak Akma´s Berlin handbook was with us. Thanks Kak!

Zara and Coca Cola!
In front of Hilton and the opposite is one of Berlin´s landmark
Germans tribute to the first anniversary of Michael Jackson´s death.

Berlin´s City Tour bus

Burdenburger Tor

At Alexanderplatz´s fountain

It is not grandpa dragging his grandchild but more to tried to keep up with her!

A self potrait

World cup fever in Germany

Crazy pose in front of Germany´s parliament building

My parents at the `Reich´ (is it spell like this?) monument 

Lunch time! Lamb, lamb and more lamb!

Berlin Wall 

Family potrait at Berlin Wall

Jumping at Berlin Wall 

Saving the last wall from falling

An attempt to climb the wall

Writing on the floor

At Berlin Wall museum

With my significant half beside the quay of Berlin river cruise

Ibu, Hummer and I

Abah and the classic BMW


Didie said...

Hehe.. sporting ler ur dad. Like father like daugther ;-)

And nice haircut!! Muda remaja.. huhu..

Kmar said...

Merl, tak perasan you dah updated your blog. Usually you will ´tag´ me.. :)) Nice pictures!!! Nampak berseri-seri orang di dalam gambar.

Kuat Zul angkat you!!??? Btw, your face nampak macam budak ambil STPM laa... compliment with the Dora hairstyle... he.he..

Zara dengan gaun ´barunya´... warna putih... nice...

Honeysuckle said...

Kak, ini le kes x sempat namanya. Ada byk entry masih dalam rangka kerja (pergh mcm menteri plak bunyinya). Ingat nk buat entry abah ibu kt sini, Spain menang world cup, tp bila masanya tu entahlah...Berdoa je lah supaya boleh direalisasikan...