Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Bienvenido los amigos

Early of the month, we received newcomer from Malaysia, coming for studying here. Rin, Is and Aishah are now exploring the city and again, when it comes to exploration, we do not want to miss the joy. We tried new poses, indulge ourselves in the city like new kids with new toys. Who cares? This is our life. Those pictures said more than thousands words.
Que es eso? Un culito?
Ciutat de Olimpica
Ode, I was at your place last week, where were you?
Tickle tickle tickle
Trying to capture photo like Zarina, but I guess I need a better equipment..Hmmm let's calculate, can we buy it darling?
Nice reminder
Crazy parents...(wish the baby can jump too, hehehe)
Good parents...

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Zara in Germany said...

wei tingginya korang lompat...hehehe