Wednesday, 22 October 2008

More of Eid

At last, I am able to have the pictures of open house at K Akma's place, not one but quite a number... So here are they.
After being hurt and left out because the men had their all gentlemen picture, the ladies had their turn. From left to right, Honeysuckle, Emmy, Vita, The hostess, Kak Akma, Erit and Shasha (the little one)
All of us, with the happy pose
They decided to loosen their stomach by cycling in order to make some space for.... ermmmm let me see, the 4th round?
Zara Humaira' with her favourite uncle, Om Indra..
Changing time...I want to wear something pink like mummy and daddy


Zara in Germany said...

hehhe pandai zara tgk kamera...mesti kaki posing mcm mama dia nt tu...

Kmar said...

Merl, si Zul dgn Indra tu kepenatan berkayuh AFTER two rounds aje laaa!!!!.. he.he.he..