Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Not so new addiction (part 2)

We are neither rich nor poor. However we try to enjoy life and do all things that we love to do, try to achieve whatever things we want to have. We put aside money to enter parks or special places with fees like museum and zoo. Instead of trashing whatever we got with our stipent allowance we manage things as good as possible. But the problem with us is the saving for one thing usually went for other.

Recently, we saved to enter Casa Batllo. It costs 16Euro per person. We wanted to get inside and look at the amazing things Zarina and Rezal told us during their visit last summer, then my hubby came across something that hard to let go. A spanish guitar on sale with a good bargain. He told me, and then it become so difficult to resist. And the money goes for a spanish guitar instead of entering Casa Batllo. Never mind, we are not on vacation in Barcelona, we have another 3 years to go. If God permits with all the doa from parents and our 'family' here, the city might be 'our' place.

Now, the craziness increases. We play guitar together and hormonized songs. "welcome to the hotel california, what a lovely place, what a lovely face...."Welcome to the family

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