Monday, 6 October 2008

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

We have neither baju kurung nor baju melayu which suitable for the journey, so to get a feel, we went pink on theme

All my blogger friends already put an entry about Eid, regardless celebrating it abroad or with family in Malaysia. As for me, the first day of raya was dull. Luckily, we had special invitation for lunch at Kak Sobiah's house. Oh ya, we celebrate Eid a day earlier from our family back home. On Wednesday, classes start as usual till Friday. Then the real Eid started.

Our first invitation for open house was from Kak Akma. Yet, as our nesting place is of the size of butterfly cocoon, we declared ourselves as informal co-host. We prepared satay and brought it there. It had been a year without satay! So this time we really went all out. Err... Sorry ya, my camera is running out of battery, and still waiting for pics from my friends - at Kak Akma's place

Next on Sunday, we went again to Kak Sobiah's house. No shame at all as Kak Sobiah cooks finger licking good food, with home made spices. No ready made or instance one maaa. And again, I ate like I have been fasting the whole year. And her teh tarik, yummy! Difficult to get a good one like hers even in Malaysia, I tell you!
At Kak Sobiah, after all the food yet still manage to avoid from being anaconda

Above all, we still missed our family. No place like home is totally true. Still, we are grateful to have our 'family' here. To Kak Sobiah & family, Kak Akma & family, Emmy & family, Indra, Erit, Edwin (macammanalah Edwin yang tak puasa boleh raya jugak ni....)Thank you very much for lovely Eid ul Fitri.

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