Friday, 28 November 2008

I need a break!

I have left my blog for quite sometimes, kind of miss it. But today, even know I have a lot of things to do, my laundry, the mess, the kitchen, the dishes, vacuuming, all can wait. As I have no assignment due, I take a risk of writing something here.

Besides of the traffic of workloads, now I am also excited. We are planning our family vacation next Christmas. And this is our first vacation since we set our feet in Barcelona. I can't wait and believe me, like a child I am counting the days. Another 26 days before we start our Manchester-Edinburgh-London tour. So, Syamsul & wife, Ruzi & hubby, wait for us ya!

In addition, I am already 'provoking' my husband about the destination of our Easter holiday. Yet still, he is acting kewl...His favourite words, "Tranquila cariño". So I need to have a break and calm down. Guess what I did, I uploaded pictures during his favourite lifetime achievement cycling tour to Laos-Cambodia-Vietnam, and hope he got the message. Unfortunately, the message he got was calling his cycling buddy and said,"Naz, how about our plan to cycle again? Where now? India? Nepal?" Duh!

Whatever it is darling, I still love you.


Odie said...

selamat bercuti merl, zhou and zara. gi christmas shopping tuh, angkat ler dslr satu ;-)

Honeysuckle said...

itulah, kena budget betul2 ni..