Saturday, 29 November 2008

Indonesia tour - Part I I I(Borobudur )

From Solo we moved east to visit a world heritage of Borobudur. It is gigantic! It is not only the temple which dedicated to Buddhism that amazed me, but the surroundings and the people too. And the day before our visit, the whole are is closed for public because the local said Beckham family were there. I never know the truth, and I don't care. As long as my schedule is not upset by them, it is good. Let them plan their own visit, and leave mine alone.

Experiencing a weird train journey from Solo to Jogjakarta, heading to Borobudur
The chandi is gigantic, we should have a wide angle lens...
A sign acknowledging visitors about UNESCO world heritage
View from far..
School children having a performance like Maori war dance kind of thing
Paddy field as far as the eyes can see

I felt in love with the place. Last time my hubby went there he made friends with Anas and Pras. That time he was single. The second time we went, he is married. We are looking forward to meet Anas and Pras, and their family too, but this time we are also with family. Just wait for us.

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