Saturday, 29 November 2008

Indonesia tour - Part IV(Bandung-Jakarta-Batam )

Sadly to say, that the last part of the journey has no pictures to show. Reason: We have used all the memory in our digital camera and the rest were taken using my hubby manual camera. And I don't have the pictures with me now to be scanned and uploaded. Sorry, sorry, sorry.

From Jogjakarta we rode an 17 hour train journey to Bandung, and owh my waist! We were seated in normal coach, which the seats were not adjustable so we had to survive with the 110 degree angle. During nights my hubby saw the rest of passengers sleeping in the aisle, so he did the same. Who cares, the more the merrier. Thus I was able to lay down bending my knee. Yet, the whole story did not end here. At 5 in the morning, I didn't know where the stop was, after a few minutes, a woman woke me up, demanding the space. Luckily, my knight in shining amour is nearby, he squeezed back beside me, and we slept with both legs at the window till 9.

When we reached Bandung, I totally forgotten to upload pictures in my camera to memory stick. Why? Bandung is actually shopping heaven for branded item like Nike, Navy Old Man, Abercombie and Fitch just to name some of them. So just imagine how I went nuts. But, I did not buy anything because my backpack was fulled and I had been warned, "you buy more things, you have to carry it by yourself. My shoulders are bruised already with your things". I got the message. Huhuhu.

The rest of the journey was sight seeing. Nothing special in Jakarta. Too congest, I don't like it. Then the quarrel with airport officer, bad food, bad journey till we reached Batam. As I was hungry, once we reached Batam I had a plate of nasi lemak, totally the Malaysian style. 7th heaven, but not so long. It all came out during the ferry ride from Batam to Singapore. Just imagine, with sambal.. it was torturing.

Now, we have friends in Jakarta, a family whom live in Barcelona. I can´t wait to follow them (one day perhaps, with God willing) to redo the Jakarta tour. Already day dreaming with good massage, good food, good day of sight seeing... hmmm when it will be...

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