Friday, 28 November 2008

Indonesia tour - Part I (Bali )

I can't stop blogging. The vacation mood is really getting into me, even the day has not yet started. Now I am digging my photo album to upload all the previous visits and vacation. So, just bear with me ok?

Last year, before moving to Barcelona, my husband and I decided to enjoy our paid leave by backpaking. We took a month and started our journey in Bali. The course was Bali-Solo-Borobudur-Bandung-Jakarta-Batam. It was amazing. (Of course, no working but the money is never fail to be in account on date. Tell me is there anybody who does not like it?)

The famous pic of my facebook.
Among the first pictures where he is smiling with teeth. You don't believe me? Ask his family and officemates.
One of Bali market
The following are pictures in a chandi (temple of Hindu) during a religious ceremony. Can't remember what it is called but the event is changing the checkered cloth worn by the statue.

The famous pic of my significant half's facebook. Yeah, it is in Bali, not Hollywood, Forest Gump.
Crossing the strait to Java Island.

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